Cookie Management Policy


Serval (hereinafter the “Publisher”) is committed to providing you with clear and transparent information about the use of cookies when you visit (hereinafter the “Website”).

The Website uses cookies to allow Internet users to benefit from the services offered by the Publisher’s website, such as browsing, optimising its use or personalising it according to the Internet user.


When you visit the Website, information on how your terminal (computer, tablet, Smartphone, etc.) navigates the Website may be recorded in text files called “cookies”, which are placed on your browser.

Cookies do not allow you to be identified by name, but only to identify your terminal for the duration of the cookie’s validity and to send certain information back to the Website (for example, a session identifier or language selection). Therefore, cookies only collect information related to how you use the Website in order to recognise your terminal on subsequent visits to the Website and thus facilitate the implementation of some of its functions, such as storing your preferences or customising the content of the Website.

The information contained in a cookie can only be read or modified by the web server that transmitted it.

There are different types of cookies:

  • Session cookies, which are deleted as soon as you exit the browser or leave the Website,
  • Persistent cookies, which remain on your device until their expiration or until you delete them using the features of your browser.

Users are informed that cookies may be automatically placed on their browser when visiting this website.

Purpose of the cookies used by our Website

Our Website uses cookies for various purposes:

  • To make it easier for users to navigate the Website,
  • To obtain visit statistics.

Some cookies, which do not require your consent, are essential for using the Website and for compiling statistics. The Publisher uses these cookies to:

  • Save your cookie preferences

Other cookies, which require your consent, are used to enable you to access videos.

The cookies used by our Website

The cookies used on our Website are:

  • Functional cookies from the Publisher,
  • Statistical cookies,
  • Third-party cookies.

Cookies placed by the Publisher

The cookies placed on your browser by the Publisher are detailed in the table below:

Name of the cookieDomainDescriptionDuration of validityType
tarteaucitronserval.frThis cookie is used to store the visitor’s cookie preferences1 yearEssential
wp-wpml_current_languageserval.frThis cookie is used to store the current language1 dayEssential

Cookies placed by third parties

Our Website contains cookies issued by third parties, which are detailed in the table below:

Name of the third partyName of the cookieDescriptionDuration of validityType
Google analytics_ga_This cookie is used to distinguish the users.2 yearsAnalytique
Google Analytics_gidThis cookie is responsible for the monitoring of the users behaviours.1 dayAnalytics
Google Analytics_gatThis cookie is used to limit the analysis demands to the Google Analytics servors.1 jourAnalytics
GoogleGoogle ReCAPTCHAIn order to protect our website from spam.6 monthSecurity

Consent to cookies

When you first visit our Website, you will be given the opportunity to accept or reject the use of cookies issued by the Publisher and third parties.

You can also give your consent independently and specifically for each individual purpose by using the “Personalise” option.

If you choose to accept the use of cookies, an opt-in cookie will be placed on your browser.

If you do not want cookies to be placed on or retrieved from your terminal, a reject (opt-out) cookie will be placed on your browser. This allows the Publisher to register the fact that you have rejected of the use of cookies for a period of one year.

If you delete this opt-out cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having rejected the use of cookies.

Opt-out or opt-in cookies must remain on your terminal. You can update your preferences anytime by clicking here.

Managing cookies

You can manage and modify the use of cookies at any time using the options listed below:

  • directly on our Website, in the cookie management module provided for this purpose, by clicking here
  • by clicking on the “Manage Cookies” link, which can be accessed at any time from the bottom of any page on the Website, or

Please note: your decision to reject the use of a cookie (opt-out) is based on the use of a cookie. Therefore, if you disable all cookies on your terminal or change your terminal, we will no longer know that you have selected this option.

Cookie management module

The cookie management module allows you to choose the cookies you wish to accept and reject from our Website.

Personal data protection

When using cookies as described above, the Publisher may, in its capacity as data controller, process personal data about you.

The purposes of these cookies are detailed above under the heading “Purpose of the cookies used by our Website”.

Processing your personal data collected through cookies is based on the Publisher’s legitimate interest in ensuring the proper functioning of the Website.

The data collected by the cookies used by the Website will be communicated to personnel authorised by the Publisher.

(if pixel and e-commerce website)

Cookies are never stored for longer than necessary to achieve the purpose of the cookie and are only stored for a maximum of 13 months.

You have the right to access, rectify, delete and transfer your data, as well as the right to restrict the processing of your data.

You also have the right to object, at any time and for any reason relating to your particular situation, to the processing of personal data based on the Publisher’s legitimate interest.

Requests to exercise your rights should be sent to the Publisher at the following e-mail address:

You also have the right to object, at any time and for any reason relating to your particular situation, to the processing of personal data based on the Publisher’s legitimate interest.

Any third party cookies used by the Website depend on external processors:

  • Tarteaucitron
  • Recaptcha

If you choose to accept these cookies, these processors may process personal data relating to you.

The issue and use of these cookies by third parties is subject to their own privacy policy. Information about the processing of this data is available in their privacy policies.