For your lambs or young ewes the 0-2 month period is crucial

It should be pointed out that:

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is the average mortality rate for lambs
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is the age at which the lambs are able to consume fodder and concentrate
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is the age starting from which they can possibly be weaned

Regardless of the structure of the farm, milk or meat workshop,, whether concerning weaning or fattening, using a milk replacer is still a very good technical and economical solution for breeding young lambs.

Weaning is a very challenging period for the animal and represents a critical step that must be successful if you want quality lambs.

This period will require 100% reliable and efficient feeding and good breeding practices. Serval accompanies you in this period.

Our milk replacers

created by Serval. Growth, digestive safety and conformation performance is faithful to your investment for a serene weaning.

whether they are based on skimmed milk powder or whey:
we have a solution to all feeding needs for a better weaning.

You are looking for a successful, carefree or optimised weaning:
we have the product you need and the expertise to match.

  • Capragno Extra

    Capragno Extra

  • Capragno Extra Fat

    Capragno Extra Fat

  • Capragno


  • Servakid Pro

    Servakid Pro

How to use
milk replacer?

The preparation of the milk replacer is very simple. But for an efficient feed, it is necessary to follow its preparation method. If you do not follow mixing and feeding temperatures, concentrations and quantities, you risk losing all the benefits of the feed and even disturbing the digestion of the young animal.

Quantity of powder
Liters of water

Our breeding advice

At Serval, we provide practical tools upon request: collective feeding plan, advice sheets on important points: colostrum, selenium deficiency, etc.

Below, you will find some tips!

  • Pictogramme colostrum


    A 100% efficient feeding starts from the first hours of life with the distribution of colostrum.

    Advice sheet
  • Pictogramme réfractomètre


    The refractometer is a tools for measuring Brix. It makes it possible to know the quality of the mother’s colostrum.

    Advice sheet
  • Pictogramme bactérie


    Enterotoxemia is characterised by a sudden mortality affecting animals. It is a bacterial disease most often caused by Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium Sordeli, Clostridium Septicum but also enterotoxigenic E. Coli…

    Advice sheet
  • Selenium


    Selenium is an essential trace element for all animal species and in particular for sheep. Selenium-deficient lambs are weak and their muscle tone can be described as flaccid…

    Advice sheet

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All details are important, you need to know and apply good practices. As a breeder, you only want the best for your young animals. It is important to choose a feeding plan adapted to your habits and your breeding. That’s why advice and follow-up are key. We are here to provide you with this support.

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