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Poudre de lait

Serval innovation: a process central to our concerns

At Serval, there is no innovation without science and exchange with breeders, and this has allowed us to differentiate ourselves apart since 1959. Our innovation policy has a clear goal: to offer innovative solutions that meet the needs of breeders.

Every day, our Technical Department, through its knowledge of the needs of animals and raw materials, works with our internal laboratory and our field experts to discover, invent and develop new formulations that best meet the expectations of breeders.

In a field where needs evolve, raw materials fluctuate, expectations change; Serval adapts to your needs while ensuring impeccable quality and security.

Numerous tests are carried out on the farm to guarantee the performance of our solutions not only in terms of growth, conformation and digestive safety, but also in terms of practicality and ease of use of the product. Respect for the environment, health and animal welfare are also issues that we fully take into account in our innovation process.

Innovation cannot exist without partners. Serval’s technical team collaborates with a large network of specialists in animal nutrition: suppliers, experts, industry professionals, research institutes… Our customers and breeders are an integral part of our innovation process; their needs and results in the field allow us to progress more quickly.

Our commitments

  • Loupe

    A rigorous selection of raw materials

  • Pouce

    Innovation ensuring the optimisation of young animal nutrition

  • Mains

    A collaboration that allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of the field

Feed quality and safety: a Serval requirement

Quality approach is a prerequisite at Serval. Since 2006, we have a recognised quality management system for our milk replacers. Since 2015, Serval has been Oqualim certified (certification dedicated to manufacturers and distributors of animal feed and premixes) on 2 reference systems.

Our products and solutions are principally aimed at improving the growth performance of young animals (calves, lambs, young goats, buffaloes, piglets…). They concern primarily the breeders, but also the consumers of meat and dairy products. Thus, Serval is committed to feeding animals quality milk replacers, the first link in the chain of perfect hygiene and food safety.

RCNA International Standard

The “International” Certification Standard for Animal Nutrition (RCNA) guarantees:

  • Purchasing control, food quality and safety, and product traceability,
  • The fact that we only source from RCNA certified or compatible suppliers, with mutual recognition,
  • Equivalence with international GMP+, Ovocom, QS and AIC standards.

STNO standard

We meet the STNO standard because we believe it is important to respond to society’s demand for greater transparency throughout the food chain.