Discover the Serval group, expert in young animal feeding

Usine de l'entreprise Serval

Expert in young animal nutrition

Created by Gérard Lemaître in 1959 in the heart of the Deux-Sèvres region, the Serval group has been committed to responsible and innovative agriculture in the world of animal feed for over 60 years. True to its family history, the Serval group shares strong values of excellence, cooperation and high standards, with the aim of improving breeding and contributing to the future of breeders.

With several milk replacer manufacturing plants around the world, the Serval Group offers solutions for young livestock breeders.

Serval offers a wide range of milk replacers based on milk powder, whey and other milk derivatives, to meet the needs of all farms.

Today, the company is present on two major markets including the animal weaning for renewal and fattening and on the veal calf market.

Presentation of Serval Company

Serval, leader in milk replacers

In the field of young animal weaning, Serval relies on an important distribution network and is developing in international growing markets that are in need of know-how. We share our know-how and knowledge with our business partners to improve the performance of each farm.

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Serval, international group in animal nutrition

With production sites in France, Canada, USA and India; Serval is an international group. Thanks to its knowledge of animal breeding and nutrition, Serval has been able to design products that adapt to the requirements of different markets, which is why we also distribute our products in over 30 countries.

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  • 1959
    Photo de l'ancienne Usine Serval

    Creation of the company: SPÉCILAIT (which became SERVAL in 1973)

    Milk replacer manufacturing plant in Sainte-Eanne (Deux-Sèvres region) in France

  • 1964
    logo specilait italia

    Creation of the Italian subsidiary in food marketing (now SERVAL ITALIA)

  • 1970
    Photo de l'usine Serval dans les deux-sèvres

    Expansion of the plant in France

  • 1988
    Photo de l'usine Serval au Canada

    New milk replacer manufacturing plant in Canada, in Louiseville (Quebec)

    Canada License Agreement

  • 1998
    Société Serval

    Creation of the company: SERVAL FOODS CANADA LIMITED

  • 2004
    Logo VTF du groupe Serval

    Creation of the animal production subsidiary SERVAL PRODUCTION

  • 2006
    logo qualité du management

    Obtaining of ISO 22000 certification

    Obtaining of QS certification and GMP equivalence

  • 2007
    Drapeau Américain

    Creation of the company: SERVAL USA

    Acquisition of a plant in Wisconsin (Ixonia)

  • 2009

    Creation and launch of Servamix

    Starting a fibrous feed manufacture

  • 2015

    New generation of industrial computing at the Sainte-Eanne plant

    Obtaining of the OQUALIM certification

  • 2017
    Logo VTL

    Creation of the company: VTL, in partnership with the Altitude Group

    Company producing high quality calves, in particular Limousin calves raised on straw

  • 2020
    Entreprise Serval en Inde


    New production plant located in South India