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The increase in the prolificity of sows, a technical and economic challenge

The increase in the prolificity of sows is a new technical and economic challenge for pig farming. Litters are increasingly larger and piglets are lighter at birth.

Hyperprolificity 0 born alive
for 12 weaned
Average weight loss by 0 kg
depending on litter size

Despite the increase in the milk production of sows, they often can no longer handle the needs of the piglets who show high growth potentials. It is therefore essential to supply the piglet with feed allowing to express its potential.

milk replacers

created by Serval. Growth, digestive safety and conformation performance are consistent with your investment for a smooth weaning.

The Servapig range is a weaning solution for piglets to counter the hyperprolificity challenge in sows. Its special formulation allows it to be used throughout the entire weaning period or as a second phase starting from the 11th day.

We have a solution for all feeding needs for better weaning.
Whether you are looking for efficient, carefree weaning or optimised weaning:
we have the right product and the expertise to match.

  • Servapig Extra

    Servapig Extra

  • Servapig Grower

    Servapig Grower

How to use
milk replacer?

The preparation of the milk replacer is very simple. But for an efficient feed, it is necessary to follow its preparation method. If you do not follow mixing and feeding temperatures, concentrations and quantities, you risk losing all the benefits of the feed and even disturbing the digestion of the young animal.

Quantity of powder
Liters of water

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