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Introduction to weaning

Weaning is the process of stopping suckling. The young animal gradually moves from a milk diet to a more solid and complete diet. This weaning period is a key time for the animals. Indeed, the better and faster the animal develops; the more its future production potential (meat or milk) will increase.

As a specialist of this period for livestock (rearing calves, lambs, kid goats, buffalo calves, piglets…), Serval offers its know-how and its perfect knowledge of nutritional needs and breeding conditions. Its objective is to meet the various needs of breeders by ensuring high growth performance.

Why choose milk replacers?

The use of milk replacer is recommended for economic, zootechnical, nutritional and breeding reasons.

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Flaque de lait

From an economic point of view, its cost of use remains lower than whole milk and makes it possible to keep the revenue from sold milk. Thanks to a secure powder, the direct costs (veterinary costs for example), and the indirect costs (growth delays, late calving…) are clearly reduced. The start of productive phase comes earlier.

From a nutritional point of view, milk replacer remains balanced, regular and homogeneous meeting all the animal’s needs (vitamins, minerals, fats) in a secure way for optimal absorption.


This results in a zootechnical interest on a superior performance: ADG, homogeneous growth, and an optimised potential.

In terms of breeding management, it is a practical feed for the breeder, improving sanitary conditions and facilitating weaning.

Optimisation, advice, audit…

Serval meets the specific needs of breeders.

Thanks to a personalized and global audit in breeding, Serval offers an adapted and optimised solution for your breeding. Our technician comes on site, listens to you and responds to your needs.

Deux éleveurs Serval qui discutent

During these audits, we will discuss your practices and the environment of the young animals.

There are important concerns such as the general condition of the animals, the building, the feeding, the biosecurity, the present pathogens…

The solutions are multiple and can be adapted according to the size of the farm and the level of investment.

Note that without an optimised environment, feeding will not be 100% efficient. The key to success is there!

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All details are important, you need to know and apply good practices. As a breeder, you only want the best for your young animals. It is important to choose a feeding plan adapted to your habits and your breeding. That’s why advice and follow-up are key. We are here to provide you with this support.

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