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    • Crude proteins 22 %
    • Crude fats 21 %

    LABEL FINITION enables a regular finishing of calves (fattening, muscular growth).


    • 100% of dairy proteins enabling growth and an optimal development
    • Very palatable milk replacer


    • Crude proteins 20.5 %
    • Crude fats 19 %

    Safe feed for veal calves. Product designed to enable farmers to produce their own veal calves.
    Feed that can be used as a supplement or to replace the mother's milk for a nursing breed.

  • SERHEPAT 2 brings calcium in order to facilitate the coagulation of feed with skimmed milk powder and adjust the frequent deficiencies of feed without skimmed milk powder.
    SERHEPAT 2 plays a major role in the metabolism of fats thanks to its choline and sorbitol intake .
    SERHEPAT 2 restarts animals appetite.

  • SERVALOR SP is used during critical growth stages and weaning. SERVALOR SP maybe used in self -service or rationing (during 15 first days of life). Thanks to a natural palatibility, it helps a quick and regular consumption of the first age feed.