Serval’s quality certifications

Serval is an international group, renowned for its quality. The company shows its commitment to quality in the selection of its raw materials: powdered milk products, soluble vegetable protein, dietary fat, micro ingredients and high quality nutritional additives. Serval products are constantly monitored.

This focus on Quality is reflected in three certifications:

  • The ISO 22000 international standard for food safety. Serval has adopted responsible conduct in the face of growing requirements from consumers and food safety regulators.
  • QS “Qualität und Sicherheit” certification required for export markets. Serval has QS certification with GMP recognition, to meet the requirements of German and English-speaking markets.
  • Oqualim Certification: which shows our commitment and desire to ensure quality and safety.
  • Serval is also a member of the French Calf Rearing Union, SDVF.