Serval’s quality certifications

Serval is an international group, renowned for its quality. The company shows its commitment to quality in the selection of its raw materials: powdered milk products, soluble vegetable protein, dietary fat, micro ingredients and high quality nutritional additives. Serval products are constantly monitored.

Serval is certified OQUALIM with 2 repositories.






The international certification repository for feed guaranties:

  • The controls of raw-materials, the quality and security of the products and the traceability of the processes,
  • The fact that we purchase to suppliers certified with RCNA or equivalent, in mutual recognition,
  • The equivalence with the certificates GMP+ international, Ovocom, QS et AIC.

RCNA eqThe Technical Base of the GMO-free Feed (STNO) guaranties:

  • The production of feed labelled « GMO-free » (<0.9%) according to the regulation CE n° 1829/2003 from the 22/09/2003,
  • The recognition by VLOG.